I am Stephen, a no body, just an ordinary guy from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom (born Northampton). Like many other people, I have battled depression, OCD and social anxiety. This blog tells my story and as of July 2018, I launched my autobiography ‘The Darkened Path’ telling of my battle o raise awareness. Its not all doom and gloom on here, you will find recipes and fun related articles as well as some poetry.

I am also a self-published children’s author and poet. You can find my Amazon author profile by clicking here.

I’m on Instagram

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My Books

The Darkened Path 

My battle with Mental Health

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No Greater word than love 

A collection of Love poems, my second poetry book

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Revealing the soul 

My debut Poetry book

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Santa’s Secret 

My debut children’s book, a never told before secret about Santa’s journey

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Three Christmas Elves  

My second children’s book with an anti-bullying message

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