2019 improvements

23rd January and it already feels like it should be June. It does not matter how busy you are, it always seems that January drags on and on. In two months time, we will be seeing an extra hour of day light with evenings becoming more and more lighter. Then the year will whiz by with the warm summer nights becoming history for 2019.

That all said and even with the slower start to the year, as we always seem to have, changes are afoot for this blog. It has been a while since I have posted but activity has been happening behind the scenes. The changes are both personally and to the blog. The personal changes I will go into via another article towards the end of January. For now I will focus mainly on www.stephenlindenwyatt.co.uk.

For anyone with an eagle eye or who has regularly visited my blog, there is a change to the recipe section. It is not complete and work is still in progress but there is a new and better layout and here I will share many of my favourite healthy recipes which support both my mind and running. There will also be a section for food related articles where I have been reviewing some recent supplements that I have been testing.

February will see a new website launched with a new fresh look and feel. The blog will remain true to its reasons of being set up, I will still write to help raise awareness of what it can be like to battle mental health. The poetry section will also see a new layout with the poems being displayed better.

Overall, the blog will remain health themed but will now include more healthy eating to back up the mental health articles. There is some truth in the saying ‘A healthy body, a healthy mind’.


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