2020 update

Christmas is under 6 months away but my goodness what a year 2020 has been for us all. Firstly, I hope this article finds you all safe and well! It really has been a horrific year in regards to Coronavirus. A pandemic, we would watch on the big screen but hope would not become reality.

I have been very fortunate in that no one I know has been infected by the virus. That said times have been strange. Currently I have not been able to visit my sister since March and my parents have been self-isolating. My work as a customer delivery driver has become extremely busy with greater demand for the service my employer offers.
I had gone from training for the London marathon to being too busy to train and midst it all, a positive, Alison and myself, moved into our first home together.

6 weeks after moving, we are finally settled to the point I can now start updating my website more and get back to writing. My writing goal for 2020 is to finish off a running related book which has been two years in the writing along with a new poetry collection.

Keep your eyes peeled πŸ˜€

2020 update

2020 update
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