We will soon be approaching two months since the release of ‘The Darkened Path’. My goal in releasing the book is to try and raise awareness of what it is like to suffer with such an illness and so far the feedback has been very positive. As with my blog, if I can help at least one person, then it will be worthwhile writing the book.

My battles of course still go on. The positive I can take out of this and focus on, is that I am stronger than I was 14 months ago and I have learned when to fight and not to fight. I can also take strength from the loving relationship I have with my partner of 9 months, the best thing to happen to me, and from close friends and family.

I more determined than ever to keep fighting, no matter how exhausting it can be and to my best ability, speak up and raise awareness of mental health.

In regards to ‘The Darkened Path’ I will soon be approaching some mental health charities to donate £1 of each sale of the paperback to the chosen charity. For this to be successful, I would need that charity to help promote ‘The Darkened Path’ via their social media outlets. From the start of writing ‘The Darkened Path’, I have always wanted to find away of putting back into mental health support. Local charities are closing due to a lack of funding and governments still seem to drag their feet with funds, which could help save lives.

I am approaching a busy but exciting and nervous time with my running. This coming Sunday, I will be running in the worlds most famous half marathon, ‘The Great North Run’. Two weeks later, I am running 3 x 10k (3 x 6.1 mile) laps to raise money for Hope for Justice, a charity whom help victims of human trafficking. This will be as a team of 8 runners, attempting a total of 25 laps. You can sponsor me here if you are able too. October see’s another half marathon several miles away in Bilbao with ‘Sleaford Striders Athletics Club’.

I mentioned earlier about my partner of 9 months, I thought it would be a good time to introduce her:

A beauty like no other wakens
my heart to the love I feel for
a lady of such elegance and

The common ground we tread
brings excitement for the shared
joys we have for our appetite to
find more paths and produce new
routes of shared interests is wet by
such joys.

For this wonderful lady has saved
my soul and mind and forever more
will I owe her for the joy and plessure
she brings to the life of mine and others
even if she plays it down.

Only for the better has my life changed
for my heart is now full as together our
souls become one, in harmony and in

New book: later this year (estimated October), my second children’s book will be published. Another Christmas book but this time with a anti-bullying message. More will be revealed later on.


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