A stride, a pace, a run a foot goes.
One in front of another, with speed
increasing I go.

Faster and faster does one heart beat,
to limits of near death but then ones mind,
ceases the silly panic.

Aches and heavy legs, never mind a turtle
walking in peanut butter!
I have fecking corpses legs!

Only a mile and already death has
eluded my thoughts, not once but twice.

As I stride along, I think to myself;
Hell yeah! I’m doing this suckers.
A niggle here and a niggle there,
the miles go by.

Only then do thoughts of funeral planning
come to ones mind.
Shit, do my parents know my favourite hymn?

A fav hymn I ask myself?
It sure ain’t run baby run!
Why did I think it was clever putting
this on my MP3?

As crappy music tracks play one by one.
I break the teenage record for mood swings
in one day, inside 15 minutes. A PB I hear you say.

As I trundle along, feeling every
gravel stone under my feet. I hope to myself,
That ones grave does not say ‘He died at mile 52’.

The finish line is 10 feet away! But wait, the asses
keep moving it from my grasp.
Have I jumped on a treadmill and simply going nowhere?

Finally the finish line is here. This idiot put a sprint on,
simply to complete the 3.1 mile, 5k run in a record time.




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