A sleepless battle

If you are like me and suffer from Insomnia, you might relate to these words. It is a poem I wrote at 2am. I do not claim to be Wordsworth but on the other hand, I do enjoy writing poetry, even if I break the rules.

A sleepless battle.

I lay here at night
wondering when the eyes will shut.
The darkness as bright as day
or at least that is how it feels.
I lay here at night
trying to rest one’s mind.
Switch off dear mind
allow me to rest and assure me of sleep.For the battle commences
Zero, Zero, one, two, three am pass.
The night becomes morning
soon you get to sleep but with
little time to spare
For only then, the alarm will scream.
You then awake weary eyed
dig through the day wondering when
sleep will arrive.
Will it be tonight, tomorrow or never?
When will sleep arrive?

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