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A soulmate shaped hole

A soulmate shaped hole burns on my heart.
The empty space awaiting the one who
can sow together the loneliness created.
Cease the flutters of pain, knowing I have
so much love to give.
To cherish, to protect, to worship the steps
she walks, it is all that I desire.
To laugh and to listen, to cry and to share joy,
only this can happen with the one I love.
Where is the one for when I have met, tried,
loved and hurt and still the emptiness of no
soulmate still exists.
I seek no harm or pain, no negative, no suffering,
just a happy life with the one I love and who in return loves me.
I pray, I dream, I seek and search but where have
the good and interested women gone? Where have they gone?

A soulmate shaped hole

A soulmate shaped hole
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