About Me

Who am I?

Well that is a good question and not one that is easy to answer, however I will give it ago. I’m an early 1980’s born man who brought into the world by a loving family and a great pair of parents. I have one sister who you will read about from time to time on my blog. I am cricket mad, self-employed and an eccentric Englishman.

Why am I doing this?

I have been fortunate and unfortunate. The unfortunate part is I have battled mental illness in the form of depression. The fortunate part is, I have been able to fight it and here I am sharing my experience with anyone interested.

I set the blog up originally to raise awareness of depression regardless of gender. I did notice that it started to come across a little dark. As I am a comedic genius (trust me i’m not), I have added a few other lighter sides to the blog. I enjoy baking, a laugh and am willing to share other aspects of my life including work. However the main aim and focus will still be the awareness side.

I cannot promise to keep the blog updated everyday but I aim to at least post once a week with something, I think will be worthwhile. Keep your eyes peeled and thank you for taking the time to read.