Am I in the light of the tunnel?

The past 5 days have been the best in the last 5 or so months. I am far from 100% but I have experienced more clarity and calm with mental stability that I have felt for some time.

I posed the question in the title of this blog, ‘am I in the light of the tunnel?’ as I know I can see it but I also have to be real. I know how rocky battling depression can be and that it could claw its way back. That said, I feel much more confident and optimistic.

The new medication is finally working and the weight of the old travel business is now of my shoulders. It is going to be tight and I am actively job hunting. I am hoping to get something as quick as possible but I know it has to be a patient game.

In the short term, I am working on completing my two books and still trying to grow my natural candle business. Hopefully something will click into place and it will finally take off.

The jobs I am looking for are in Sales, fundraising or something that will match my natural caring side. I have experience in all three and hopefully will find something rewarding. Around a dozen applications have gone off with a copy of my CV.

Thank you to everyone again for your support, love and care. Especially the understanding shown when I have not been myself. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I continue to recover and find the stability of work.

As for running, this is going from strength to strength. I am loving every moment and tomorrow I will run my first proper 10k at Scredington.

Am I in the light of the tunnel?

Am I in the light of the tunnel?
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  1. Chris Barton Reply

    I’ve been longing to know how you’re doing and delighted to hear of some light relief, enjoy and may it continue… but keep taking the medication to keep the correct chemical levels topped up, this is how your brain chemicals should be. X

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