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An update

Time for another update. Today was quite a daunting day. I had a new experience with visiting Job center plus to sign up for Job Seekers Allowance and to seek further help on offer. I this afternoon had another doctors appointment.

As revealed in ‘It’s a sad day’ I recently had to close my business of 14 years. At 35, this is my first time being unemployed. I have always been self-employed apart from my voluntary positions. Although I naturally felt a little shame, I am entitled to claim Job seekers, I have always paid my tax and business VAT. I do hope however, that it is short lived.

The advisor was very reassuring and calming. Not a jobsworth at all. She explained all my options and even stated that I will not be out of work for long, in her opinion. I do have good business experience as well as fundraising, marketing and web consultancy (wordpress based).

Despite it only being a week of being unemployed, I have already sent off 4 applications for work and one is looking encouraging. I have got to phase two of the application process. At this point in time, I can be a bit picky with the jobs I am applying for. After such stress, I am seeking work that will bring job satisfaction.

In regards to doctors, I have increased my dosage. I am now on 150mg of a possible 200mg of Sertraline. I have also spoken to him about my lack of eating.

I have gone from being a foodie and someone who used food for comfort, to someone with no desire to eat and even a hatred of food and pressure to eat. We are now monitoring my weight, I am down to 14 stone 7lb, which is not crucial at this point but not far off being underweight for my height.

It is something I am trying to get my head around. It is new to me and the biggest thing I cannot cope with at the moment. I may have however, worked out the trigger but I won’t share this just yet, in case I am wrong.

If I have not improved by the time I next see the doctor, it will be further help required.


  1. Bob Stoner

    I’m praying for you, the right job and healing. You are such an inspiration for those at StreetSource!

    1. Stephen Linden-Wyatt

      Thank you so much Bob, hope all is well with you all.

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