Demeaning Joblessness

Demeaning group meetings
surrounded by negative jobless
seeking any excuse not to work.
My desire to do any job that
comes my way with the frustration
of not working heavily on my mind.
Barely getting by with no job seekers
back pay despite it taking almost a month
to sign on and nearly two with no pay.
When you sign off, it can be weeks before
you see a pay cheque.
Is it any wonder people abuse this hopeless
Stress of no liveable income, no replies
to tens if not hundreds of applications
for some, there surely must be a better way?
I’m lucky, my working life is back on track
with a part time job and training for a trade.
I am blessed to have the drive and assertiveness
to move on but how I fully understand and see
how others do not or lose their desire to work.

Santa's Secret

Crowdfunding appeal

Hi guys, you may of noticed recently that I have self-published a children’s book called Santa’s Secret. It is a short story that can be read in one night. It is funny, factual and links together two parts of Christmas. This is Santa and the birth of Jesus.

It is not a religious book but is written to pay homage to the birth of Jesus and Santa, two sides of Christmas that have shaped the Christmas we know and love.

The book can be brought as an eBook and in paperback via Amazon. £1 of each sale will be donated to Children with Cancer. To help promote the book, I am trying to raise £500. This will be spent on Facebook advertising and Amazon sponsored ads to generate more sales, which will in turn, raise more money for Children with cancer UK.

To make a donation, please visit my crowdfunding page here.

To buy the book, please visit here.


A little update: Nov2017

It has been a while since I last put an update on here. I know many have been concerned in the past and the support that I have received from you all has simply been amazing. I know many of you have kept me in your thoughts and the regular contact, appreciated. For anyone new to my blog, I have shared my battle with depression and anxiety. Thankfully this update ends on a happy note.

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