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Autism & Cerebral Palsy Links

As some of my followers may know, My sister, Shelley suffers from Severe Autism and Cerebral Palsy. There has been a close connection with Autism in my family for many years with my late uncle being diagnosed with Aspergers and my father was the chairman of the Northampton Autistic society for 12 years to name but a couple of links to Autism.

Below are some Links that you might find useful relating to Autism and at the bottom for Cerebral Palsy.


The National Autistic Society
NHS – Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism Research Centre

Cerebral Palsy

NHS – Cerebral Palsy

These are links that I am aware off and have used. Feel free to comment to add any links you would recommend.


Autism & Cerebral Palsy Links

Autism & Cerebral Palsy Links
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