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Although I still battle with mental illness, I talk about it. It has taken quite a few years to get to this point but I believe I have been put on this planet to help raise awareness. My talk can be between 15 and 30 minutes. I also allow questions and answers at the end.

Structure of the talk:

There are three main sections to my talk and an optional 4th. These are:

  1. How my depression affects me
  2. The triggers of depression (this is looking at what has led to me being ill)
  3. The darker side of depression (This includes talk about suicidal thoughts)

The fourth part is optional and normally I adjust this part to fit around the setting I am talking at. I could be at a running conference so I would talk about how running has helped etc

I do not talk about the biology of the brain. I can only share my experience.

I do charge a fee for my time. This is negotiable and if you are located 50 miles outside of Sleaford, Lincolnshire I do charge extra for fuel and might seek a hotel stay (Premier Inn).

15% of my fee is donated to Mind and if it is possible, a collection to made on the day for Mind.

If you are interested in booking myself or would like more information, please fill the below form out and I will get in touch.