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On the 06/05/17 I launched a new business creating natural soy candles that are priced to be affordable and healthy for people with respiratory illnesses.The business has shown some positive growth already but it still has a long way to go. The company is online and called To help me take the business further and quicker, I am crowdfunding to try to raise £10.000. I unfortunately would not be able to get a loan currently hence going down this route.

People can make a pledge (donation). If the pledge is £25.00 or more, then that person will receive three candles. Anything less and it will be a virtual hug and cuppa.

I work from home so I can be there to care for my parents and in an ideal world still need to work from home. If you can support me, then please visit this link to make your pledge.

Thank you

Stephen LInden-Wyatt


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