A Grandmothers classic: Bramley Apple Pie

In my household, apple pie does not hit the sides of the mouth, never mind there being any leftovers. I sometimes like to alternate the types of apples I use. In some cases, I might use a sweet eating apple and in other cases, use the more traditional Bramley apple. One thing that always remains the same, is the pastry recipe that I follow. It is not a traditional English recipe but French. It is known as Pate Sucree, Sweet pastry. The recipe can be found here.

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Yummy Fluffy Cloud Eggs

The latest trend when cooking eggs is fluffy cloud eggs. They taste amazing and are very easy to bake. If you are a vegan, leave off the cheese.

Eggs have become a big staple for me, particuly because of the running. The are nutrious and full of protein.

I also like my eggs with a runny yolk but firm white regardless to whether they are poached, fried, boiled or baked. If you like a firmer yolk, cook these for 12 minutes.


The History of Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake day in modern times is the day before the start of lent. It does not fall on a set date each year but falls 47 days before Easter. The word ‘shrove’ comes from ‘shrive’, which means “to absolve’ and in times past a person would have been “shriven of their sins.”Read More