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Food good for depression

You don’t suffer with an illness without doing research into it and while I was doing exactly that I came across a list of foods which are good for depression. These foods won’t cure depression but they will help promote a healthy diet. Last year I did a brief nutrition course (I’m not a nutritionist) and one of things I learn’t is how the gut can affect the mind. In other words if you are on a unhealthy diet then your mind and brain function will be affected.

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Bramley Apple Pie Recipe

In my household, apple pie does not hit the sides of the mouth, never mind there being any leftovers. I sometimes like to alternate the types of apples I use. In some cases, I might use a sweet eating apple and in other cases, use the more traditional Bramley apple. One thing that always remains the same, is the pastry recipe that I follow. It is not a traditional English recipe but French. It is known as Pate Sucree, Sweet pastry. The recipe can be found here.

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