A little update: Nov2017

It has been a while since I last put an update on here. I know many have been concerned in the past and the support that I have received from you all has simply been amazing. I know many of you have kept me in your thoughts and the regular contact, appreciated. For anyone new to my blog, I have shared my battle with depression and anxiety. Thankfully this update ends on a happy note.

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Running on emptiness

Going along feeling nothing,
no rain, no wind, no flutters in the heart.
Treading through the deepened holes
on a path so unknown, so unreal.
Heavy legs, slumped arms, head a low,
looking into a tunnel of distraught.
Every step awaits the flames of hell,
a vision so focussed on a lifeless dark.
Aware of nothing but torment and mental agony,
a life deeply trodden in tar, marathon step by step.
Desires of little but endless dire,
Not knowing where life has gone so wrong but
accepting change must happen.
Only then do I awake in light of knowing
the suffering that I am going through.
Only soon can I seek help and put hold on the
downward spiral of depression in hold.