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World Mental Health Day

10th October is World Mental Health Day. There is an estimated 2 billion people in the world whom battle one form of mental health or another. To battle such an illness is extremely isolating. There is so much stigma, for many, it is hard to speak out. If you are battling in silence then please speak to someone. It really does help! I am from the UK and below are some UK charities you could speak too. I have also set up a directory where mental health charities/ organizations from across the world can list their contact details for free.

You can view the directory by clicking here and add you own link by visiting this link.

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Mental HealthSocial Anxiety

Another look at social anxiety

A couple of years ago I wrote an article about the social anxiety which I suffer from. This article can be seen here and is called ‘Living with anxiety, a scream that cannot get out’. After a discussion this morning with a friend, I thought it would be good to look at social anxiety again and share some recent times on how it has affected me. I will also try to offer some tips on how to deal with social anxiety.Read More

Mental HealthSocial Anxiety

Living with Anxiety: A scream that can’t get out

As with depression, anxiety can affect people in different ways. There are also different types of anxiety which include social anxiety, panic anxiety and specific phobias and generalised anxiety. I can of course only talk about the anxiety that I suffer and how it affects me. As with all my articles relating to depression and anxiety, I am only referring to how it affects myself. It can affect other people a lot more differently.Read More