Santa's Secret

Crowdfunding appeal

Hi guys, you may of noticed recently that I have self-published a children’s book called Santa’s Secret. It is a short story that can be read in one night. It is funny, factual and links together two parts of Christmas. This is Santa and the birth of Jesus.

It is not a religious book but is written to pay homage to the birth of Jesus and Santa, two sides of Christmas that have shaped the Christmas we know and love.

The book can be brought as an eBook and in paperback via Amazon. Β£1 of each sale will be donated to Children with Cancer. To help promote the book, I am trying to raise Β£500. This will be spent on Facebook advertising and Amazon sponsored ads to generate more sales, which will in turn, raise more money for Children with cancer UK.

To make a donation, please visit my crowdfunding page here.

To buy the book, please visit here.


Raising funds for Sense

As you might be awareΒ by now, I run but it is something that I only started in March of this year. In short, I took it up so I can use my body to raise funds for charity in a more challenging way and to also help the depression. Not wanting to sound pompous the time has now come to use the gift of my body and raise funds for Sense.

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