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A letter of sorrow

One day I hope you see this,
A letter of anguish from the pain I caused.
The words I used, were not fitting for who you are.
I should of been truthful from the start
but I fear the time is too late.

I had been in pain and couldn’t speak.
No public words and maybe none in private,
All I know is I should spoke from the heart.
Fear drove me and tangled my mind and heart.

You understand me and I understand you,
You are my bestie, my significant friend.
A person I cherish, respect & love.
I miss your laugh, our chats, the moments
when time simply stopped.

I hope one day you get this letter
and see my sorrow for the wrong I caused,
The hurt for you and me.

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In Loving Memory

As time has frozen in your earthly life.
I know times goes on in your spiritual life.
The flame of my love for you,
Is as bright as the flowers in bloom.
As my love flickers on in the memories
we have made.
I light this candle in the wonderful memory
of you.

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I am me

There is no doubt that I am the introverted type.
Seeking peace, being quiet and remaining shy.
It doesn’t mean I can’t be assertive
but I simply enjoy the quieter side of life.
I may struggle with loud environments
and I might fail to cope with extroverted views
but I am me.
In this calming knowledge of who I am,
my restful soul can take joy in simple peace.
I do not need to be loud and I do not need
to be one whom I am not.
I may walk and not club,
I may embrace calming music and not
in your face loudness.
I will be found, where there is peace.
What I seek will differ from the extrovert,
but rest assured dear outgoing one,
I am me!