Love & FamilyPoetry

I see the smile

I see the smile that ignites my heart.
The cheek side dimples that brighten
your red cheek glow.
As your short brown hair flows,
Your eyes stand a bright.
Each time I look at you,
I weaken in desire to be with you.
The hurts a nice hurt from the
breathless beauty that you behold.
For the joy to know you, simply
outweighs the loneliness of not being
with you.
oh but how I so would love to be by your side,
each waking day and sleeping night.

Love & FamilyPoetry

Your beauty

Your beauty glows brighter
than the clearest night sky.
No star, no moon or sun can
match your elegance.
From the inner to the outer beauty,
not even a hummingbird can
contest your radiance.
As I look at the night sky,
I wish upon a shooting star
that one day, we can be together,
in love, in peace and with the knowledge
that we are soulmates.

Love & FamilyPoetry

Born with hearts of peace

We are born with a heart of peace.
No hate, discrimination or evil desire exists.
Only love, innocence and stillness in our hearts
display through our infant minds.
As a child grows, their innocence should simply be admired.
No ending it with learned evil behaviour from adults who
should know only better.
Adults of which, could learn more from a child’s innocent ways.

Love & FamilyPoetry

Dear Sister

This is a little poem I wrote for my Sister. She has Cerebral Palsy and Autism. This could of course be adapted for anyone in life.

When you do not smile,
I will be your smile.

When you are in pain,
I’ll be your comforter.

When you embrace joy,
I will be your additional laughter.

When you cry,
My heart will absorb those tears.

When you cannot bounce,
I will be that bounce.

Each time you smile,
Another heart beat melts away.

The joy you bring,
Simply heals anyone’s soul.

Your love for life,
Is no match for the love I hold for you.