Demeaning Joblessness

Demeaning group meetings
surrounded by negative jobless
seeking any excuse not to work.
My desire to do any job that
comes my way with the frustration
of not working heavily on my mind.
Barely getting by with no job seekers
back pay despite it taking almost a month
to sign on and nearly two with no pay.
When you sign off, it can be weeks before
you see a pay cheque.
Is it any wonder people abuse this hopeless
Stress of no liveable income, no replies
to tens if not hundreds of applications
for some, there surely must be a better way?
I’m lucky, my working life is back on track
with a part time job and training for a trade.
I am blessed to have the drive and assertiveness
to move on but how I fully understand and see
how others do not or lose their desire to work.


Grimsthorpe 10k

The ground was amok with
uneven stones which flowed
amongst the divots, weeds and
muddy puddles.

To stride up a hill, not once,
twice but four times.
As equally we go down altering
our pose to keep a balance
we hold.

With trees clad to our right
and a bottomless, brown coloured
lake to the left, fields appear ahead
as we have forgotten what has passed.

What’s next? A badly ploughed field
that no runner can run. Followed this is the
final hill and with legs a sore, we trundle up.

One final push with stiff legs and muscles
that hurt, its a sprint to the finish line
and a medal to sport our neckline, a breathless
joy of completing the run, becomes our minds
and soon we feel that runners high.

Love & FamilyPoetry

I see the smile

I see the smile that ignites my heart.
The cheek side dimples that brighten
your red cheek glow.
As your short brown hair flows,
Your eyes stand a bright.
Each time I look at you,
I weaken in desire to be with you.
The hurts a nice hurt from the
breathless beauty that you behold.
For the joy to know you, simply
outweighs the loneliness of not being
with you.
oh but how I so would love to be by your side,
each waking day and sleeping night.