A letter of sorrow

One day I hope you see this,
A letter of anguish from the pain I caused.
The words I used, were not fitting for who you are.
I should of been truthful from the start
but I fear the time is too late.

I had been in pain and couldn’t speak.
No public words and maybe none in private,
All I know is I should spoke from the heart.
Fear drove me and tangled my mind and heart.

You understand me and I understand you,
You are my bestie, my significant friend.
A person I cherish, respect & love.
I miss your laugh, our chats, the moments
when time simply stopped.

I hope one day you get this letter
and see my sorrow for the wrong I caused,
The hurt for you and me.


Born with hearts of peace

We are born with a heart of peace.
No hate, discrimination or evil desire exists.
Only love, innocence and stillness in our hearts
display through our infant minds.
As a child grows, their innocence should simply be admired.
No ending it with learned evil behaviour from adults who
should know only better.
Adults of which, could learn more from a child’s innocent ways.