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The Great North Run

On Sunday, I took part in my first ever Great North Run. The worlds most famous half marathon (13.1 miles) located in the North East of England. In total, there were just under 58,000 runners whom took part. To line up alongside this amount of people, not to mention penned at the start and run with them, would of been something I could of not done even a year ago. Yesterday was not just about completing the Great North Run but it was my way of standing up to the years of social anxiety and depression that I have had and still battle. Standing up to it, is exactly what I did!

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Great North Run: #13825 a month to go

Today (09/08/18) was an exciting day. For any runner buying some new running shoes is always an exciting time. It is a new excitement to me as normally I hate buying footwear. I am a size 12-13 and hate paying over the odds just because I have flippers for feet. That said, there is a splendid choice of running shoes and the service I received from ‘Lincolnshire Runner’ was excellent.Read More


Equinox24 – Team Freedom

In September 2018, I will be a part of a running team called ‘Team Freedom’. Team Freedom, headed by Andrew Wrath has been set up to compete in the Equinox24 competition. As a team of 8, we will complete at least 3 10k laps each during the 24 hours period. We are doing this to raise money and awareness of Hope for Justice, a charity whom help rescue and support victims of human trafficking in the UK and overseas. More updates will be posted under this section of my blog.