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Great North Run: #13825 a month to go

Today (09/08/18) was an exciting day. For any runner buying some new running shoes is always an exciting time. It is a new excitement to me as normally I hate buying footwear. I am a size 12-13 and hate paying over the odds just because I have flippers for feet. That said, there is a splendid choice of running shoes and the service I received from ‘Lincolnshire Runner’ was excellent.Read More


Equinox24 – Team Freedom

In September 2018, I will be a part of a running team called ‘Team Freedom’. Team Freedom, headed by Andrew Wrath has been set up to compete in the Equinox24 competition. As a team of 8, we will complete at least 3 10k laps each during the 24 hours period. We are doing this to raise money and awareness of Hope for Justice, a charity whom help rescue and support victims of human trafficking in the UK and overseas. More updates will be posted under this section of my blog.

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The Great North Run- My triumph over social anxiety

2018 will be my first full year of running. It was on the 26th March 2017 that I started to run, partly to help get myself fitter and to help with my mental health. At this point I had already set a determination to beat the social anxiety, that had affected my life for so long but I knew I had more to achieve. I could only hope back in March of last year, that running would be the weapon in my battle needed.Read More


2018 running schedule

2018 is my first full year as a runner and my first year competing in the Sleaford Striders Athletic Clubs race series. I am by far not going to win the series, I am still learning and getting myself stronger. That said, it is all good fun and for me very exciting. As you maybe able to tell, running has become a big part of my life and a major factor in my recent recovery. I’ll talk about the later in another post.Read More