Cutting out sugar is the best way to lose weight

If you are wondering why I have a Sugar-free section on my blog, then this article will answer why. When I was younger, I was quite active and sporty. The first ever business I was involved with, involved a lot of exercise and I never had any weight issues. That was until my job changed and the depression kicked in.

Like many people, I had tried various diets, including some of the leading ones and although the odd stone would go here and there, it was never enough. I then started to learn how sugar was the biggest culprit. I was to learn how sugar causes various health issues, how it is used in food for taste, texture and as a preservative. Did you know that sugar causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, heart disease, increases depression, affects hormones and more?

There was a bit of trial and error at the start but I soon found the right balance and through the diet program. I was weaned of added sugar and my health and weight improved and dropped. The below picture is of me in May 2015 and December 2016.

In total, I have lost 7 stone in weight. This has been done gradually. I am no longer clinically obese and my healthiest since a child.

I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes under the ‘Sugar-free’ section. I will also be producing a recipe e-book in 2017 which will be purchasable on Amazon.



Cutting out sugar is the best way to lose weight

Cutting out sugar is the best way to lose weight
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