The Darkened Path - A book on my battle with mental health

The Darkened Path Delay

During the summer of 2017 I announced that ‘The darkened path’ would be launching/ published during the winter 2017. The darkened path is my story about the battle I have personally experienced with depression, social anxiety and OCD.

The book is coming on nicely with content added several times a week. Where at first I had a good time frame, the structure of the book has changed along the way and as I want it to be right at the time of publishing, I am therefore taking more time on getting ‘The darkened path’ completed.

The darkened path is not a self help book but it gives an insight on what it can be like battling mental health. I give an insight not only into the actual suffering but things I have learnt along the way to help combat depression. I have walked the paths of hell and I always promised myself that if I got through the worst, I would always speak up to help raise awareness and break down stigma’s.

Along with the book I have been preparing a series of talks, both for a series of vBlogs and as a speaker. My speaker talks cover three sections, what it feels like to have a mental illness, what the triggers and causes are and the final part I adjust for the environment I am talking at for example, if I am talking at a running club, I would focus on how running has helped etc.

The book is not too far off from being finished and i’m aiming mid-spring to early summer for publishing. In the short term ‘Revealing the soul’ a collection of poetry that I have written, covers a chapter on depression and gives an insight on what it is like battling. There are also some lighter chapters too including love poetry and more. You can purchase ‘Revealing the soul’ and my other books by clicking here.


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