Great North Run: #13825 a month to go

Today (09/08/18) was an exciting day. For any runner buying some new running shoes is always an exciting time. It is a new excitement to me as normally I hate buying footwear. I am a size 12-13 and hate paying over the odds just because I have flippers for feet. That said, there is a splendid choice of running shoes and the service I received from ‘Lincolnshire Runner’ was excellent.

If you are new to running or not, it is always worth getting your gait analysed, even after a year or two of running. I did just this and found that my gait had changed over the year. I am now the proud owner of a pair of Nike Zoom Structure 21’s. They support my running perfectly and this will reduce the risk of injury. I now have time to run them in before the Great North Run, on the 9th September.

While trying on various shoes, the postman delivered another piece of excitement. Today I received my race number for the Great North Run. I am number 13825. I will start in orange, zone D. With just under sixty thousand runners entering the Great North Run, we are put into different zones and start at slightly different times. Zone D will start at 10:40am.

At this point in time, I am very excited about running in such a prestigious race. I have one simple goal, to finish in the top 57,000. It is not going to be an easy run. I know I can run 13.1 miles, I have already done this three times since I started running. The most I have ran with is around 5000 people in a shorter distance. At some point soon, my anxiety will try and kick in but I am determined to make sure it does not win!

The atmosphere will be like no other with bands playing throughout, crowds cheering, plenty of marshal’s supporting runners and the highs and lows of running that type of distance. That said, I know I have the support of my family behind me, including my gorgeous girlfriend, the support of my friends and the great running club I am part off.

Keep an eye out for updates coming soon and throughout the Great North Run weekend.


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