I will always love you

The big event that took place in December 2018 was not Christmas but my proposal to my beautiful girlfriend. Thankfully she said yes and now we are planning and costing our wedding in 2020. We decided this year to have a more low key valentines day, whereas last year we dined out. Below is a short poem I wrote for Alison and shared on her Facebook page. I think she is starting to get used to me embarrassing her ­čśÇ

A dozen red roses and
a meal for two.
A romantic card and maybe
another gesture of romance.
Yet nothing can show the
love I hold for you.
The memories we make
and the times spent together,
whether out and about or
in together; fills the void
that once took hold of my heart.
As we move forward together
engaged in mutual love remember
my dear fiancee:
I will always love you.


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