London Marathon 2020 – Running for SurvivorsUK

I haven’t posted on here about my entry into the London Marathon. In October, I was fortunate enough to receive a ballot place.

2019 was a tough year for my running with almost 7 months on and off out injured and by having a focus of training for London Marathon 2020, I am slowly getting myself fit and use to long distance running again. At first, I did not want to commit to running for a charity due to the injuries but with two months to go, I feel confident enough and strong enough to make, what is already an amazing experience, an even better one.

As in recent years and as most do, I have chosen a charity close to my heart. I will be hoping to raise between £100-300, if not more for SurvivorsUK.

Who is SurvivorsUK?

SurvivorsUK is a Male rape and sexual abuse charity helping thousands of victims a year through counselling and support. They also raise awareness of a crime, which some, still thinks is not a crime.

You can learn more about SurvivorsUK by visiting their website here:

Why am I running for them?

As I have revealed in my book ‘The Darkened Path’ and through the below articles, I was sexually assaulted as a child. There was little support at the time with helplines just for women. That said, Later in life, I discovered SurvivorsUK and although have worked through most of my problems related to the assault myself, still found their work beneficial.

My blog articles:

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How you can sponsor me:

I have set up a fundraising page where you can make a donation. I will also be holding an Easter hamper raffle where each £5 donated enters you into the draw. (Hamper is worth £30, photo’s shown soon.)

Click here to sponsor me.

*please note all sponsors are donations. If the London marathon is postponed or cancelled due to Coronavirus or I have to pull out, I can not return the monies donated.


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