Running Timeline

As a bit of fun, I thought I would create a little running timeline highlighting the progress I have made since I started running in March.

28th March 2017 – Started a Couch to 5k course with my local running club, nearly died every Tuesday for the next 7 weeks.

9th May 2017 – Completed C25K in around 35 minutes.

13th May 2017 – Attended my first Belton House Parkrun, almost died again. I was not prepared for hills, even small ones ๐Ÿ˜€

20th May 2017 – Attended Belton House Parkrun and set a PB, got gripped.

23rd May 2017 – Started to help with C25K each week.

There was no Parkrun the week later and I picked up a shin splint injury. Took a few weeks off and discovered the torture of foam rolling. That said, discovered sports massage, heaven!

08th July 2017 – Completed my first Parkrun at Belton House since Injury.

15th July 2017 – Set a new PB at Belton of 33:37.

At this time, I officially joined Sleaford Striders Athletics club.

I also started the grueling but fun Stamina and efforts training on a Monday night. This is to help build core strength up as well as stamina.

22nd July 2017 – Stamina training seemed to have an immediate effect. I set a new PB at Belton of 32:05 taking 1:32 of the previous run.

I knew by now that I was hooked and that I wanted to start exploring the option of running in a 10k and eventually half marathon. This meant starting to increase the runs on a Thursday night and at home.

29th July 2017 – Another new PB, not as impressive but 32:03 at Belton. I could feel the increase in miles from the runs during the week.

05th August 2017 – I actually slipped avoiding another runner who was not watching where they were going. The downside of runners listening to music. I manage to get back up and claw some of the lost time back but still no PB. Time at Belton 32:06. The positive, I learnt that I had fight in me. I could dig deeper than I first thought.

11th August 2017 – My first 10k, the Scredington 10k. I was not fully prepared as I took a last minute place but boy, it was an amazing experience. Time set of 01:07.18. I expected 01:30 hours.

12th August 2017 – There was no ParkRun for me due to Scredington 10k.

19th August 2017 – Well hello, back to breaking PB’s in style. By this point I had completed my first 10k and the stamina training was really starting to be fruitful. It was also the first time of running Belton without having to walk a bit. New time 30:50. 1.56 taken of my PB. Now I finally started to feel like a real runner even though we all areย  regardless of ability.

I had a weekend off from Parkrun over August Bank holiday as I was away. The rest did me some good!

02nd September 2017 – The sub30 club arrives. I set yet another amazing PB of 29:18. Nothing could knock my high spirits down today.

9th September 2017 – No Parkrun

16th September 2017 – Volunteered at Parkrun as had Grimsthorpe 10k the next day.

17th September 2017 – Grimsthorpe 10k, a tough course with 4 big hills. New 10k PB set of 01:02:54. It was also cross country so good practice for Spires and steeples.

23rd September 2017 – Was my sub30 a fluke? No! a new PB of 28:48 at Belton. Experience is starting to show in my runs. I am now in control of the run rather it being the other way round.

30th September 2017 – 3rd time sub30? yep 28:33 ๐Ÿ˜€

07th October 2017 – oh dear. I tripped up and this time it hurt and I actually damaged a toe removing the nail and what felt like a dislocation. That said, I managed to finish the run and although not a PB, set a sub30 of 29:55, just. More signs of inner strength I did not know I had.

14th October 2017 – Time for my first bit of Parkrun Tourism. Belton was not on so myself and some running friends visited Rutland. I had my first half marathon the next day. I went for a steady run, toe taped up, to keep my legs fresh for the 15th. Despite it being a steady run, I was back to a PB. 28:23. Rutland is on tarmac though which is easier to run compared to cross country.

15th October 2017 – Spires and Steeples Half marathon. When I first started running, I had this in the back of my mind as something to push for. I had no idea if I was ready, I had increased miles building up with my training and social runs. I was ready, with the support of friends I completed a 13.1 mile run in 2:25. No doubt it was a challenge but one I really enjoyed. It was also part of my autumn fundraising push raising money for Sense.

21st October 2017 – Parkrun cancelled due to a storm.

22nd October 2017 – Thoresby 10k. A day that I had really been looking forward too was not a great day. The meeting itself was excellent and the route stunning. I unfortunately was not well and had quite a bad reaction to a flu jab. This also caused a bad nights sleep. The weather was awful with storm Brian making it windy and very cold. I had no life in me whatsoever. That said, I dug even deeper as I wanted to keep my legs fresh for the Worksop half marathon the following week. No 10k PB officially but most probably one of my strongest runs despite the weather and being unwell. My time splits showed that I got faster and faster as the run went on. 1:03:13 was my time. If Strava is correct, we actually ran 6.5 miles and not 6.2 and if it is correct, then I would of had a PB. As for the time, i’m not worried when most other runners were down and I learnt a lot more about myself as a runner in this race. It is always the hard ones that make you stronger!

28th October 2017 – Weekend off running a Parkrun but volunteering instead to give back.

29th October 2017 – Worksop half marathon, entered as part of my fundraising effort. 02:27. It was a tougher than expected course but still enjoyable and great experience.

Future runs:


12th November – Poppy 5 mile run

26th November – Newark Mind Tinsel 10k

3rd December – Nottingham Christmas 1/2 marathon.


Rauceby Ripper – confirmed
Ashbourne 10 mile – confirmed
Equinox24 – Charity team event rasing money for Hope for Justice. – confirmed.
Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge for British Heart foundation. – provisional
Bilbao 1/2 marathon – provisional.

2018 will see me take part in my first race series. Don’t expect any impressive wins. I will be happy to compete and remain injury free.

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported me. It has been a big commitment but a hobby I absolutely love. It has also been a great help with my illness in recovery.

Although I mention about times a lot, they are not the main focus. It is great setting PB’s but it is most important that the run is fun and 99% of the time, it is bloody amazing!




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