Santa's Secret

Santa’s Secret

Last year, I had the idea of a children’s story. With being Christmas mad myself, it of course revolves around Christmas. I jotted the idea down, brain stormed over several coffee’s in Costa and came up with the finished book ‘Santa’s Secret’.

Santa’s secret is aimed at children under 8 years of age. It is a short book that can be read at nighttime and contains illustrations. At this point I have self-published on Amazon Kindle and aim to soon go into print. Now in print!

I am not someone who expects to be the next J.K Rowling, far from it. I simply followed an impulse and produced Santa’s Secret.

As you can tell by the name, the book reveals a never told before secret about Santa and a part of his journey on Christmas eve.

The story is narrated by Chief present wrapper ‘Sally the Anne’. Sally the Anne shares with the children some interesting facts. Facts such as Santa is known as ‘Christ Kind’ in Germany and more. There are some funny parts such as Santa’s bum catching fire and his farts smelling like a BBQ.

The idea of the book is to bring together the two sides that dominate Christmas. Although not a religious book, the secret revealed is how Santa pays tribute each Christmas eve to the birth of Jesus. How, I will not reveal here.

By the way, did you know that in Australia they leave Beer out for Santa? Thankfully he doesn’t get drunk (fact for the adults).

The eBook costs £4.50. I have set it at this price as £1 of each sale will be donated to ‘Children with Cancer’ and there are of course, Amazon fee’s. You can purchase your copy here. The print version is a little more due to greater costs involved and is set at £6.95. This can be ordered by clicking here. With both copies, £1 will be donated to Children with Cancer Uk.

Why did I choose Children with Cancer Uk?

Cancer affects us all one way or another. Either we will suffer from it or we know someone who has or does. For just under 5 years I worked as a volunteer at a Cancer hospice in Northamptonshire. This was for adults but as we know, cancer sadly affects children as well. With the book being aimed at Children, it seemed natural to pick a children’s charity and Children with Cancer Uk, was the first that came to mind.

By buying a copy of this book, you are helping myself to raise money for Children with Cancer Uk. Not only that, you are get a book which you could give as a Christmas present or place in your child’s Christmas Eve box.

To learn more about Children with cancer, please follow this link to their website. They really do amazing work.

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