Second 10k – Further progress

Sunday 17th September 2017 saw me take on my second 10K in a month. The first was the Scredington 10k in August and this course was located at Grimsthorpe castle, Bourne.

The Grimsthorpe 10k was extremely hard. I knew it would be a challenge going into the run, I had been warned! I am someone who always loves a challenge and often excels at being dropped in at the deep end with any situation.

I know that I can run 10k. I have done the distance at Scredington and in practise. I am helping someone I hold in high regard to reach the same level. The concern and challenge was the amount of hills. There were 4, doesn’t sound a lot but they were steep and long. Great when coming down but not going up.

It caught quite a few runners out, especially the ones who travelled from out of county and expected it to be flat. Well, Lincolnshire does have some hills 😀

Despite the difficulty, I set a new personal best taking a massive 3 minutes off from my time with the Scredington 10k. I took a curious look at the time when I hit 5k, a distance I run every Saturday morning and Thursday evening (sometimes further on a Thursday). I set a new 5k PB at 28:18. Not the fastest but still sub 30, my time at Belton House Parkrun is 29:18. Belton is not an easy Parkrun course but easier compared to the 5k I just ran at Grimsthorpe. I took a minute of my Belton time. Overall a great run and further progress.

Although I mention times and it is great to get a PB, It is not my main focus. My goal when I started running was to get fit and find a new social outlet. Both of which I have and am achieving. A hope to that one day I might actually meet someone 😀

The times are great, medals amazing but most of all, running is exceptional and now, a part of my life I hope to never lose.

Ps. Apologies for the dodgy, sweaty looking photo, I had just crossed the line.




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