Welcome to my shop. Below you will find my 5 current books that are for sale on Amazon. These include my autobiography ‘The Darkened Path’, poetry collections and Children’s Christmas stories.

The Darkened Path

The Darkened Path is an autobiography by Stephen James Linden-Wyatt where he shares his battle with depression, social anxiety and OCD (in the form of obsessive thought patterns). Stephen starts off by introducing himself allowing readers to understand about the person he is. In the book he reveals what it feels like both physically and emotionally battle against such a debilitating illness. Stephen shares many of his darkest moments during his battle explaining how he very nearly took his own life. The book will help you understands more into why someone can battle with such a vile illness, yet still carry on. You can also learn and understand about some of the causes and events that led to Stephen becoming so ill. While going through the battle…

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Revealing The Soul

Revealing the soul is the debut collection of poetry from newly published poet, Stephen James Linden-Wyatt. Born in Northamptonshire but now resides in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, Stephen has his own wonderful unique style of writing where he captures his emotions and feelings in verse. Within ‘Revealing the soul’ Stephen masterfully puts pen to paper his life experiences and shares some inspiring work. You will find 6 chapters dedicated to poems on love, the depression that Stephen has battled, Political and peace poetry, running poetry (Stephen is a running addict) and other general poetry. In total there are just under 30 poems including two Christmas poems located at the end.

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No Greater Word Than Love

‘No Greater Word Than Love’ is Stephen’s second book following the success of his debut poetry collection ‘Revealing The Soul’. ‘No Greater Word Than Love’ is made up of two parts. The first part is a collection of love poetry written by Stephen himself. The second section contains poems and sonnets written by famous authors such as John Keats. These are some of Stephen’s favourite love poems that he decided to share with you. If you are after a valentines gift idea or know some who loves ‘love poetry’ then this book makes the perfect gift.

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Three Christmas Elves

On the 23rd of December Edward, a very naughty boy intended to ruin his schools Christmas concert. A bully, Edward was visited by three Christmas elves whom Santa actioned to intervene. Their mission is to make sure that Edward’s plan does not happen and to help Edward learn his naughty ways.With being a school bully, Edward was on Santa’s naughty list, a list that no child should be on. Santa was upset at how Edward was treating fellow class mates. As you read on, you will learn how three elves from the ‘Naughty and nice spy team’ intervened to help Edward be added back to the nice list and make good of the wrong things he has done. Three Christmas elves has an anti-bullying message but also has a fun side from the story to puzzles and recipes that readers can enjoy.Please note that with the kindle version, the puzzles are not interactive.

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Santa’s Secret

International selling ‘Santa’s Secret’ is a festive book aimed at children 2-8 years of age albeit we are sure children of all ages will enjoy reading it. Santa’s Secret is a short story which can be read in one night at bedtime, where Chief Elf, Sally the Anne reveals a long kept secret about Santa and a part of his journey on Christmas Eve. Before the secret is revealed, Sally the Anne, tells the children some facts about different destinations that Santa visits. For example, did you know in Germany that Santa is called Christ Kind? Santa also has a little accident when visiting a home in the UK but don’t worry, he is fine and it is quite funny. The book brings together the two main parts of Christmas. Santa and the birth of Jesus is acknowledged. It is not religious but pays homage to the two sides of Christmas. When finished reading, take a visit to where you can find many festive crafts, recipes and more.You can purchase your copy of the book either for the Kindle or in print. As a suggestion, why not buy the print version and put a copy of the book into a Christmas Eve box?

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