Summer is coming you can tell by Instagram

If you follow my Instagram feed or simply look at the Instagram photos on the home page of my blog you will be able to tell that summer is almost here. If you looked out the window today it would be hard to believe with the heavy rain. My Instagram account however, reveals one of my passions and that is watching cricket.

I am fortunate enough to be a member of Nottingham cricket club (The outlaws) and I try to attend as many games as possible albeit these are mainly white ball games and the odd test game but only seeing one day. For those who are not familiar with cricket, white ball games are one day games. There are two formats, a 50 over one day game and the quicker T20 game where each side will face either 50 overs each or 20 overs each in the T20.

Cricket is of course God’s favourite sport. It is peaceful, tranquil and relaxing. That said, the T20 format is geared more for an exciting atmosphere with fireworks, music and even flame torches that go off for every boundary scored. T20 is designed more for families but is still an excellent format to enjoy.

My love for cricket came from a young age. I was captain of my school team and often would see my then local team, Northampton play. For any familiar with the unbeatable West Indies back in the 90’s one player I used to admire watching was Curtly Ambrose. He plied his game at Northampton when not representing the Indies and terrified many batsmen with his bowling.

I was so keen to play when I was younger I once ended up in hospital with a nose fractured in 3 places. I was a wicket keeper mimicking Jack Russell only with being 9, I had no space awareness and back came the bat across my face. The good news is I still caught the batsman out, the bad news, I had to have an operation to reset the nose. The plus side of this, I got a lot of attention from the girls at school but of course I was frustratingly at the age where boys hated girls and more interested in proving my dad drove the fastest.

Through the years my love for cricket and various sports grew. I would watch England on TV through the bad times to the great times admiring players such as Graeme Swann, Alec Stuart, Andrew Struass through to today’s geniuses such as Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Stuart Broad and Alex Hales to name but only a few.

I think one of the beauty’s of Cricket is that it has not been ruined by the yobish behavior you get at football. There is also not as much money involved. The latter is a slight issue as more and more clubs are finding it hard to compete. We will soon be seeing some commercial changes to the format of T20 cricket with a new league being brought in around 2020 to compete with the Indian Premier League. Sadly only last year, Durham were relegated with points deduction due to financial dismay.

If you are new to cricket, then try to get to one T20 game this summer. It is a lot cheaper to attend and it really is a good family night/ day out.



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