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Dear Sister

This is a little poem I wrote for my Sister. She has Cerebral Palsy and Autism. This could of course be adapted for anyone in life.

When you do not smile,
I will be your smile.

When you are in pain,
I’ll be your comforter.

When you embrace joy,
I will be your additional laughter.

When you cry,
My heart will absorb those tears.

When you cannot bounce,
I will be that bounce.

Each time you smile,
Another heart beat melts away.

The joy you bring,
Simply heals anyone’s soul.

Your love for life,
Is no match for the love I hold for you.


The most magical gift is a kiss

One of the most magical gifts in the world is a kiss. A kiss of course is an expression of love, respect and admiration. Many cultures will kiss on the cheek when greeting or simply to say thank you.

I am of course not referring the romantic type of kiss fit for the bedroom (young teenagers take note) but simply a peck on the cheek and in some circumstances on the lips.Read More