Thank you for the feedback

There has been a lot of positive feedback, comments on here, Facebook and from people in person. Only this Thursday just gone while at Sleaford Striders running club, I had a lovely gentleman come up to me and compliment the blog. In this case he had seen my article on running and depression.

My goal and aim of this blog and when I write about depression is to reach out and help people who do not understand, understand mental health but also help people who are in a similar boat. The kind and wonderful comments help me keep going and give myself the strength to keep on writing.

I am still battling on, still going from highs to lows with bad crashes mentally. That said, I have seen more of a calmer period the week just gone. I am really hoping that this is a step closer to a more stable period.

If you are familiar to my blog, you will notice that it has had a make over. There are some new features coming with new sections. One of which is a directory of charities and organizations that help people with their illness.

The book is taking shape nicely. You will see to the right of the blog that it will be launched in the winter of this year. I will post more details about it in the near future.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone. Family, friends and strangers who have nothing but love to share with me. You all help make life a bit more sweeter.



  1. Barney Reply

    Just to make your life a bit sweeter then… I struggle with SA and depression too so appreciate your viewpoint. I admire your ability to be so open about it I haven’t told almost anyone as it feels like you’re exposing your greatest weakness which is probably the hardest thing a SA sufferer can do so well done and thanks. Wanted to say I know you said you’re still getting crashes but when you think what you’re coping with at the moment I think you’re actually managing things really well so keep taking those baby steps ( just not when you’re running or you’ll look like you need a wee)

    1. Stephen Linden-Wyatt Post author Reply

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I usually look like I need a wee and worse when running anyway 😉 😀 One thing I am accepting is that SA is not a weakness. Someone cannot help having cancer or a cold just as someone cannot help have a mental health illness. Be strong, you are unique and a beautiful person!

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