The Darkened Path

The Darkened Path is a book about my battle with depression, social anxiety and OCD (in the form of obsessive thinking). At 29, I was diagnosed with depression and since battled to keep the worst at bay. Finding the journey lonely and hard, I vowed that once I was strong enough, I would speak up and share my battle.

The Darkened Path can be brought from Amazon in Paperback or kindle format. £1 from each sale will be donated to mental health charities. To purchase your copy, click here.

In total there are 13 chapters. These are:

Who am I – A background of the person I am
What it feels like – covering both the physical and emotional pain
Suicidal thoughts – the darker times
OCD – In the form of Obsessional thinking
Social anxiety – What it is like suffering with social related anxiety
Triggers and causes – what has led me to suffer and cause the low periods
Running – How running has helped
Two dogs and a cat – How animals have been a vital part in my battle
What I have learned – what I have learned over the time
Poetry – Poetry I wrote while battling
Recipes – meals to help
Final thoughts
Helpful contact numbers

The book is very much an auto-biography and although not officially a self-help book, anyone wanting to learn what it is like to suffer from a mental illness to if they already battle, then ‘The darkened path’ will still help.

Top tip when reading The Darkened Path:

Try not to compare my battle with your own or someone you know who is also battling. There are different strains and forms of depression and we are all at different stages in our own battle.

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