The Darkened Path: How you can help

Firstly, if you have brought a copy of ‘The Darkened Path’ or any of my books, a big thank you. As you will know by now, I have written ‘The Darkened Path’ to help raise awareness of battling mental health by sharing what I have gone through. 

As well as raising awareness, I hope to put money back into mental health by supporting local support groups but I can only do this, if the book sells. I therefore need your help in being able to do this. Here is how you can help:

Add a review

If you enjoyed reading ‘The Darkened Path’ and have found it helpful or inspiring, please add a review to Amazon. If there is criticism, please make it constructive so I can improve the book. The more positive reviews I can get, the more encouraging it is for people buy a copy.

Share on social media

Tell your friends, likes and followers on social media about ‘The Darkened Path’. We all trust word of mouth.

Hold an awareness event

If you are a club, church or organisation, then I would be more than happy to come and give a talk. Depending on where I have to travel, there might be a fee. Contact me to talk about this. You can do this via this link. The talk I give is based on my battle. I cover what it feels like, some of the causes and triggers. I also talk about my battle with suicidal thoughts and the final part, I adapt to the audience I am talking too, I.E. if I am speaking to a running club or church, the final part will be how running or my Christian faith has helped me.

What I am trying to avoid, is expensive marketing costs. The more I have to spend, the less I will be able to set aside. I will cover in another article shortly, how the profit will be spent.



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