The most magical gift is a kiss

One of the most magical gifts in the world is a kiss. A kiss of course is an expression of love, respect and admiration. Many cultures will kiss on the cheek when greeting or simply to say thank you.

I am of course not referring the romantic type of kiss fit for the bedroom (young teenagers take note) but simply a peck on the cheek and in some circumstances on the lips.

I was fortunate to spend some time with a dear friend celebrating their 70th birthday and witnessed the love between him and his granddaughter. Twelve kisses were marked on a homemade birthday card so 12 kisses were shared. A great way to subconsciously teach a 4 year old to count to 12.

I often greet some of my female friends with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. A sign of friendship and mutual respect between friends.

I would like to tell you about the most magical Kiss I have ever had.

This kiss was not from my first ever girlfriend when I was 12. In fact, if I remember correctly we both embarrassingly clashed teeth although i’m sure we were never the first to do that. This kiss actually did not happen until the weekend just gone. I had to wait 33 years before experiencing this magical kiss, a kiss that was more magical than a magician on Britain’s got talent.

Those of you who know me well, would of probably guessed by now who it was from. This kiss came from my sister and was on my cheek.

Some will think a kiss is just a kiss but this was more. This kiss was made magical by the breakdown of her Autism. For a short moment, Shelley was able to show a little affection, something which has been as rare as an extinct bird.

I haven’t introduced Shelley in great detail to any followers of this blog and this will come in the near future but in short Shelley suffers from severe Cerebral palsy and Autism. Shelley can show the emotion of laughter, fear, anger and frustration but has not been able to share or show the emotion of love.

Any cuddles would be forced and often we would be pushed away or even hit. We might be able to grab a quick crafty kiss on the head but again, we would be rejected but this past Saturday for me, was a major breakthrough. For first time in my life I have experienced a truly magical kiss.


The most magical gift is a kiss

The most magical gift is a kiss
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