Things to consider when reading The Darkened Path

The Darkened Path has been published just over two months now. The feedback has been amazing and if you are considering buying a copy here are a few things to keep in mind before reading.

Why I have written The Darkened Path

I have written The Darkened path to raise awareness of what it can be like to battle with a mental health illness. In my case it is Depression, Social anxiety and OCD. It has taken a lot to write ‘The Darkened Path’ and to share some of what I have gone through.

It is my battle and someones else’s can be different

The Darkened Path is an autobiography. Please do not read it and compare it to someone else or even what you have through. No one goes through the same regardless of the illness. There will be some similarities but we can all be at different stages of our battle/ illness. Two people with the same type of cancer will not be on the same treatment plan and symptoms can also differ.

I am not a famous celebrity nor do I set out to be

I appreciate that reading about a celebrity might be more inspiring but I am just a humble, average man. Although I am willing to speak up and even do talks about my battle, it is merely to raise awareness.

Why the book & eBook are priced as they are

The book and eBook are priced to make a profit if they sell in mass. It has taken over a year to write and lots of coffee. However, If ‘The Darkened Path’ does sell in mass, as much as I need to cover my costs and live, I also aim to put back into mental health support. Where I live alone, two support groups have had to shut due to lack of funding. I hope in the future to be able to help and put back into mental health and support such groups. ¬£1 from each sale will be put to one side to help with this.

Why a boiled egg recipe?

It’s homage to Delia Smith. I deiced as altering my diet has helped with my battles I would share some of my favourite recipes. Eggs have been a great help and although many of us can boil an egg, so many cannot and you can’t beat a dippy boiled egg and soldiers.

It’s not for my ego

When I decided to write ‘The Darkened Path’ I had two routes I could go down. I could write a fictional novel or I could write an autobiography. With there already being novels on the market, I opted to share my story and to be as real as possible. There are still some parts of my battle I have not been able to share but by talking about what I have gone through, I hope to raise awareness to help breakdown the stigma and barriers that many whom suffer with mental health face.


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