Three Christmas Elves Published

I am pleased to announce that my latest children’s book ‘Three Christmas Elves’ has been published on Amazon.

Three Christmas Elves is my second children’s following on from ‘Santa’s Secret’. Santa’s secret was written for children under 6 years of age whereas ‘Three Christmas Elves’ is aimed at children over 3. It is a fun story with an anti-bullying plot. 

Santa actions three Elves from ‘The naughty and nice spy team’. Their mission is to prevent Edward from ruining his schools Christmas concert. Edward is the school bully and is on Santa’s naughty list. Are they successful in their mission? Only readers can find out!

The book also include some fun and easy festive recipes along with some puzzles and games.

Three Christmas Elves can be brought by clicking here at £6.95 paperback and £1.99 kindle.


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