To that special lady in my life

A poem recently written and shared on social media for my beautiful girlfriend:

From that moment we became one
intertwined in an embrace loneliness
died while in your arms.
Together our hearts dance the same
tune, the same beat for the love grows
further than one’s mind can focus.
With each moving day you are always on
my mind from the first seconds of the new
day to the final moments of time.
It’s the way you are that makes me more
in love with you from the surface of your
beauty to the inner soul of perfection my
love grows beyond one’s mind can focus.
For my life without you seems so dull for
you are there in joy and in the painful times,
yet with you by my side, the world is a better place.
Together our love can only grow beyond what one’s
mind can focus.
As forevermore I will always love you!


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