Tonight I broke down. Just after 2330, I finally got to the point where i can take no more. I have no strength left, no fight left.

I can’t cope with this agony anymore. Why it has come back with so much vengeance I am not sure.

I can’t sleep. I have actually cried. I can’t breathe and then I am numb. It’s like I’m dead but the only reassurance I am not dead is a deep breath I seem to take when in this state and able to breathe.

My cheat hurts. My head hurts. My life hurts. I only hope I can get to sleep and find more fight in the morning.

Update June 18th – This post is short and quite erratic, this is due to me writing there and then as I was experiencing one of my darkest nights in a long time. I guess you could say it was as close to a live blog as possible.



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