I have decided to make 2018 a big year for fundraising. After battling mental illness for so long and in particular, fighting social anxiety, I made the decision to host or take part in 18 fundraising events. I did look at doing 2018 fundraising events but that might be a little too much.

The charities:

I have selected 4 charities to support. These are BEAT, Hope for Justice, Mind & Shelter.

How will it work?

There is a reason why I have chosen 4 charities. By choosing 4, I will split the fundraising up into quarters. For example, the first quarter of the year, I will raise money for BEAT, the second, Hope for Justice and so on. There will be only one fundraising page per quarter. If you are able to support me, then you can donate as much or a little without me asking you 18 times. The 18 events will be split throughout year and some will be ticketed events and some sponsorship all donate via the just giving page.

If you are still unsure on this, then chat to me when we next meet.

The events

I am still compiling the list of events I will be doing. You can see some already listed below but all 18 events will be listed by the end of the year.

Jan – Mar – Beat

Mar: Silverstone Half Marathon

Apr – Jun – Mind

Apr: The great East bake off – Enter your best simnel cake and more to be judged. Rosettes and best in show will receive a trophy. (volunteers required)
May: Birthday charity afternoon tea / Sleaford Half Marathon.

Jul – Sept – Hope for Justice

Jul: Chester Half Marathon
Jul: Strawberries & cream (Volunteers required)
Aug: Yorkshire 10k
Sept: The Peak District Challenge (10k)

Oct – Dec – Shelter

Oct: Spires & Steeples
Nov: Birmingham 10k
Dec: The Christmas Bake Off – Enter your best Christmas cake, mince pies and more to be judged. (Volunteers Required)
Dec: Santa run / Mince pie stall.