Walking the paths of hell

A poem depicting the journey of depression from the walking the paths of hell to realizing that there is hope.

Walking the paths of hell,
in darkness of clouded thoughts,
do I see the tunnel of despair,
leading the way of my life.

Running towards the lure of suicide,
I see the challenging option to cease,
the agony of my mind which controls
ones life.

Loneliness fills the suffering soul,
creating patterns of worthlessness
and negativity.
The soul is ruined by such mindful trauma.

As I scrape through the emotional dullness,
the mental agony and physical exhaustion,
Unknown to me, strength is being created
from love I cant accept from family and friends.

Each day that comes by, I find the fight,
the energy to scrape by.
Little by little, the pain, the suffering
exits the mind, the soul and body.

A long journey to be had, a tiring one
but as the days go by, the mind is refreshed
with armour to tackle the intrusion of the
dreadful desires.

Many mountains to be climbed and gorges
to cross.
Paths to navigate but baby steps by baby steps
one must go and tip toe by tip toe, I will recover.



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