What did you think

This is a poem targeted at my attacker. I have held back the worst actions of the sexual assault I went through but it was written during a time when I was struggling with the actions. This was also recently, 21 years after the abuse.

What did you think when you forced me on the table?
What was going through your mind when you pinned me down?
Your size was triple to mine and you dominated me against my will.
When you forced your mouth against mine, what went through your mind?
What about that love bite? Don’t think it was a love bite though!
It was a bruise of agony caused by your violation.
As your hand lowered down to my groin, why did you think that was right?
Did you think I would be turned on by your forceful grotesque act?
I won’t go on about the rest for my readers do not need to know
and although the years have gone by. Forgiveness has been given from me!
Just you know, the scars, the pain, the damage will still be with me, for as long as I live!


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