There are two main reasons why I write the articles I do. I am of course referring to the depression articles. One reason, is to help raise awareness of mental health and depression. The other, when I am suffering it sometimes helps to write down my thoughts.

I started this blog two years ago. The first article I wrote was ‘living with depression‘. This was revealing that I battled it. I have also shared about some of the triggers or causes, living with OCD and the social anxiety that has crippled has me. You can find all articles here.

I sometimes write poetry, not the best I know but poetry can be an expressive way to get my feelings across. You can often tell when I am better by the more confident writings to the feeling bad writings. Take a look at these two for example. What do you see and I am me. The first where the depression is bad and the latter where i am confident in the person I am. Here you can see the two contradictions that mental health can cause me.

I have no objection of people sharing my articles, I have no fear of online trolls.

I of course have a lighter side. You will also see articles, poems and even recipes from when I am focusing on my mental illness and raising awareness.

Love to you all.






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