Your’re a survior

When in the depths of despair,
the world around you closes in.

When the panic and racing
heart arrives,
are you then aware that
anxiety is back.

Whether with a vengance
and several more symptoms,
the world around you closes in.

Remember this! No matter how
bad you are feeling, you are strong!

Remember this! No matter how
much the voice of anxiety plays
with your mind, you are a survivor!

The fight you may face is exhausting
but focus only on this:
You are simply awesome!

The end goal will always be great
no matter what the voice of anxiety says.
You fought and you won.

If you walked away do not
beat yourself up.
It is simply a tactic of your mind
to fight the debilitating process
of anxiety.

Instead, stand tall in front
of a mirror.
Look with a smile knowing
that you are strong, a battler and
an inspiring survivor.

With someone that has and still can battle with anxiety, especially in social situations, I know the vicious circle that anxiety can put you on. Anxiety can be like having a second voice in your mind but one so strong, it can take over any rational thought process.

An example of when I recently had a battle with this awful pain in the ass was a recent 10k run at Thoresby. I was not well that day, I was suffering from weird symptoms from a flu jab, freezing cold and on top of this, my anxiety, was well aware off 1225 other competitors. Frustrating when the following week, there were just under 4000 other runners at a half marathon and guess what? the anxiety did not show.
I battled through the day as to not let my friends down. I tried grounding myself, walking away from the group several times, trying to focus on white deer and the usual, count how many fingers I have. I still have them all. It was just one of those days, where I could not beat it or at least that was how it felt.
Sure, I was feeling awful, extremely low, panicky and simply as if I could not cope with the world. I wanted to shut this closing in world off. I also couldn’t eat, which was a shame as a friend had brought some yummy spinach and cheese muffins.
The fact is, I did beat it. I still ran and I got through the day. Then there is the vicious circle I mentioned. The, ‘Oh, yeah you got through it but look how you let everyone down’ thought process. Fact is, I most likely did not let anyone down. Anxiety or not, we all have bad days. We are only human!

The last sentence there is of course my rational thought process not the anxiety speaking on behalf of my mind. Anxiety will effect people in so many different ways and in different situations.

The purpose of this poem is to encourage anyone suffering to realise this: We are a hell of a lot stronger than we think. Look at the battles you have overcome, the goals you have achieved by simply standing up to the anxiety, even when you do not feel you have stood up to it. Do not think because you walked away that you have lost the battle, you have not! In any war, you have to pick and chose which ones to fight and sometimes, just walking away is a tactic to beat the anxiety. Just try to do one thing, always get back on the horse when you can. For example, I could miss a run but I will go to the next one possible, if I did not, the anxiety will play on the mind tricking it to think, I should stay away.

Below is an image that goes around social media. In most cases, it does work.

Remember you are strong and you will always win!


Your’re a survior

Your’re a survior
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